House Hunting during a Pandemic?

While the stock market may be suffering, interests rates are remaining at 50 year low. Now is the time to buy. And the slow start to the season means fewer houses on the market, so they are going fast. Just last week RE/MAX Unlimited Results Realty had a home listed for only 52 hours before it went to contract. We’re giving you some tips for how to stay safe and still take advantage of this great time to buy or sell your home.

  • Social Distancing means staying 3 feet from people
  • Touch as few surfaces as necessary
  • Carry hand santitizer
  • Wash your hands first and last
  • Know the products to use when moving in
Getting creative with no-touch greetings is a key method to curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

When you meet your Realtor, refrain from shaking hands or touching in any manner. Some people grasping their own hands with a slight bow as a safe greeting. Others may nod, wave, or simply smile. However you greet, keep in mind that the safe social distance is one meter, roughly three feet. When attending an open house, avoid standing in doorways or in front of appliances where others may come into contact with you. When signing contracts or forms, it may be ideal to carry your own pen.

Social distancing is using one meter, roughly three feet, distance between people to diminish spread of the coronavirus.

Avoiding touching doorknobs and light switches is not feasible, but you do want to make sure your touching as few surfaces as you must. Checking windows, doors, cupboards, and facets are practical things to inspect, but add up to many surfaces. Be aware while examining a home that you should not touch your face. Carrying hand santitizer and washing your hands when you arrive and before you leave are highly recommended. This also gives you the opportunity to test the water pressure!

20 seconds is all it takes to greatly reduce the risk of coronavirus.

The active pandemic should not halt your life entirely. If you’re able to take advantage of a market ideal for buyers and sellers, don’t pass it up! You absolutely can safely see, buy, and sell homes.

When you buy your new home, you’ll want to santitize before moving in your belongings. If you rent a moving truck, be sure to wipe down the steering wheel, seat belts, gear-shift, and door handles.

The list of active ingredients recommended by the EPA are: ammonium, hydrogen peroxide, octanoic acid, sodium hypochlorite, triethylene glycol, L-lactic acid, ethanol, peracetic acid, phenolic, citric acid, silver ion, thymol, ammonium carbonate, and ammonium bicarbonate. You can find the full list of products here.

Before moving in, give your new home a deep cleaning.

After a house showing of your home-for-sale, be sure to wipe down prominent touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, facets, appliances, windows, etc. Remember to be cautious and continue washing your hands. Whether buying or selling, this pandemic is not stopping the housing market, just be safe.

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