Kids under Quarantine

The Stay-At-Home order and cancelled schools across Ohio have many parents overwhelmed. We get it! We want to help you keep your sanity and keep kids entertained. Maybe you are trying to work from home, or maybe you were laid-off, or maybe you’re working hard on the front lines of this pandemic. If you have kids going crazy with boredom, here are some great ideas to get them off the couch!

Single socks that have lost their pair? Make sock puppets! You can have kids recreate their favorite show fairy tale or movie, or make up their own stories.
Another sock craft! Fill these guys with dried beans, other socks, or stuffing. Either way, they are a great Easter decoration, gift for grandparents, or special new friend.
Speaking of Easter… have the kids create their own baskets! You can use milk jugs, 2 liter bottles, or get more creative!
When the weather calls for being outside, embrace it! This homemade obstacle course can keep them busy for quite awhile!
Sidewalk chalk offers endless ideas for fun! Help them get out some energy with this fun course.
If your kids need some friendly competition, you can create many games using chalk!
Keep their minds active! School from home can have some fun aspects, too!
Balloon tennis will keep them busy without destroying the house.
An indoor lazer maze makes every trip to the kitchen, for yet another snack, more interesting.
Don’t stress about screen-time, this is a unique situation. However, earning screen-time can help you stay sane while they help out around the house!
Have you gone through all that toilet paper yet?? Put the empty rolls to use and encourage wildlife activity in your backyard for the kids (and pets) to enjoy watching!
And you can make binoculars to help with the bird watching! See how many different species hang out around your home.
Now is a great time to teach kids about all the kinds of important helpers in your community. From first responders to doctors, nurses, janitors, truck drivers, and grocery workers… there are thousands in your community who deserve a thank you. Encourage your kids to help spread a kind word!
Empty cans left over from yesterday’s lunch can be used for organizing craft supplies, planting flowers, and more!
Here’s another idea for those tin cans! Knock down the stacks with a ball, Nerf guns, bouncy balls, etc.
You can even use them to make instruments! Drums, or add some dried beans and make maracas!

Many of these ideas start with recycled objects. We hope that if you are feeling financially pinched during this time, you can still have exciting crafts and activities for your kids. We also want to encourage people to stay home, so keep the unnecessary shopping to a minimum!

Comment with more ideas you’ve found or tried!

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