Making Miracles Benefit (Virtual) 2021

Learn about the Children’s Miracle Network in a short video below! #ForTheKids
  • Virtual Live Auction was Thursday, March 18th, 2021 at 6 pm
  • Online Auction Bidding ended March 18th, 2021
  • Accepting direct Donations to support Children’s Miracle Network

We’d love to see everyone in person and enjoy a fun-filled evening with you while supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Unfortunately, with COVID concerns and gathering limitations, we are going virtual this year. If you can, be sure to join us for the Virtual Live Auction on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 at 6pm.

The auction is available to bid on ahead of time: Start Bidding Now!

Click BID NOW and Check out the awesome auction items!

Simply click ➡️Register to bid⬅️ to create a FREE Bidder Account!

You’ll need your Name, Address, Email, and Credit Card handy.

Once you have your account created, you may place bids on any or multiple items.

Maximum Bids can be placed to allow the auction site to outbid others on your behalf up to your maximum limit.

For Example: If the item you’d like is currently at $50 and you want to outbid that individual, you can place a maximum bid of $80. The auction site will put your bid at $55 to outbid the current amount and will continue to outbid any other competing bids until you reach $80. Once the item price exceeds your maximum bid, you will receive an email notifying you that you’ve been outbid and may place a new bidding price if you choose. Your absentee bidding cannot be seen by any other bidders or the auctioneer.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!



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Additional Sponsors

Tiffin Drive-In donated a private event to the auction
American Loan Mortgage donated a fishing trip to the auction
Tiffin Pedal Company donated a pedal bike tour to the auction
The Renaissance of Tiffin on Wheels donated an 8 hour tour to the auction
Relax & Revive Salon and Spa donated a spa day to the auction
Mohawk Golf and Country Club donated 4 rounds of golf to the auction
Bair Bros donated 2 stadium seats to the auction
Your Legacy Federal Credit Union donated a basket to the auction
BodyWorks at Fabrizio’s donated a 1 Year Membership to the auction
Threads Boutique donated a purse, scarf and candle to the auction
Beerco donated a Yuengling framed image to the auction
Stein Hospice donated a basket to the auction
Tiffin University donated a basket to the auction
Tangles Salon donated a basket to the auction
Ally Title donated a basket to the auction
Clinton Heights Golf Course donated 2 rounds of golf to the auction
Bernie & Shelly Steinmetz donated a basket to the auction
Motto Mortgage Unlimited donated a basket to the auction
Handshoe Cakes & Cookies donated a gift certificate to the auction
FortBall Pizza Palace donated a gift card to the auction
Napoli’s Pizza donated a gift card to the auction
Heavenly Pizza donated a gift card to the auction
Marco’s Pizza donated gift certificates to the auction
Pizza Hut donated gift certificates to the auction
Jac-N-Dos donated a gift card to the auction
Reino’s Pizza & Pasta donated a gift card to the auction
Professional Appraisal donated $100 in gift cards to the auction
ACE Hardware donated a wheelbarrow to the auction
Walmart donated a gift card to the auction
Kim Illig and Premier Bank donated funds to the Children’s Miracle Network
Champ’s Barber Shop donated t-shirts to the auction
Sandy Aichholz donated a gift card to the auction
CXP Properties donated funds to the Children’s Miracle Network
Tiffin Fire Local 322 donated funds to the Children’s Miracle Network
Tiell Financial donated funds to the Children’s Miracle Network
Integrated Orthopedics donated funds to the Children’s Miracle Network

Thank you to all of the Sponsors who make this event successful year after year!!!

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Ohio

Take charge of your career and start the process to becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Real estate agents have the luxury of working from home and creating their own schedule. The life of an agent has shifted in practices from cold calls and door knocking to focusing on maintaining an online presence. If you’re interested in becoming an agent, you’re not alone! Follow these steps to get a license in Ohio:

  1. Education
    You must be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
    You will need a background check including fingerprints.
    Pre-licensing courses totaling 120 hrs must be completed within the ten years preceding your application including:
    40 hrs of Real Estate Principles and Practices
    40 hrs of Ohio Real Estate Law
    20 hrs of Real Estate Appraisal
    20 hrs of Real Estate Finance
    Courses must be taken at a higher education institution, including these community colleges.
  2. Broker Sponsorship
    You must be sponsored by a broker when you apply for a license
  3. Submit your Application
    You must submit certificates/transcripts of completed education and a $60 fee along with your Salesperson Examination Application to the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing.
  4. Schedule the Test
    Once the application is processed, you’ll receive a Candidate Information Bulletin with directions in scheduling your test. To pass, receive a score of at least 70 and begin your new career!

Kids under Quarantine

The Stay-At-Home order and cancelled schools across Ohio have many parents overwhelmed. We get it! We want to help you keep your sanity and keep kids entertained. Maybe you are trying to work from home, or maybe you were laid-off, or maybe you’re working hard on the front lines of this pandemic. If you have kids going crazy with boredom, here are some great ideas to get them off the couch!

Single socks that have lost their pair? Make sock puppets! You can have kids recreate their favorite show fairy tale or movie, or make up their own stories.
Another sock craft! Fill these guys with dried beans, other socks, or stuffing. Either way, they are a great Easter decoration, gift for grandparents, or special new friend.
Speaking of Easter… have the kids create their own baskets! You can use milk jugs, 2 liter bottles, or get more creative!
When the weather calls for being outside, embrace it! This homemade obstacle course can keep them busy for quite awhile!
Sidewalk chalk offers endless ideas for fun! Help them get out some energy with this fun course.
If your kids need some friendly competition, you can create many games using chalk!
Keep their minds active! School from home can have some fun aspects, too!
Balloon tennis will keep them busy without destroying the house.
An indoor lazer maze makes every trip to the kitchen, for yet another snack, more interesting.
Don’t stress about screen-time, this is a unique situation. However, earning screen-time can help you stay sane while they help out around the house!
Have you gone through all that toilet paper yet?? Put the empty rolls to use and encourage wildlife activity in your backyard for the kids (and pets) to enjoy watching!
And you can make binoculars to help with the bird watching! See how many different species hang out around your home.
Now is a great time to teach kids about all the kinds of important helpers in your community. From first responders to doctors, nurses, janitors, truck drivers, and grocery workers… there are thousands in your community who deserve a thank you. Encourage your kids to help spread a kind word!
Empty cans left over from yesterday’s lunch can be used for organizing craft supplies, planting flowers, and more!
Here’s another idea for those tin cans! Knock down the stacks with a ball, Nerf guns, bouncy balls, etc.
You can even use them to make instruments! Drums, or add some dried beans and make maracas!

Many of these ideas start with recycled objects. We hope that if you are feeling financially pinched during this time, you can still have exciting crafts and activities for your kids. We also want to encourage people to stay home, so keep the unnecessary shopping to a minimum!

Comment with more ideas you’ve found or tried!

Tiffin adapts to Virus Outbreak

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine announced that all K-12 Ohio schools would be closed for the next three weeks. In Ohio, that was the first major action taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. What began in Wuhan, China has spread to nearly the globe, making the virus categorized as a pandemic. While some have panicked, and others call it a hoax, the reality is that life has dramatically changed almost daily.

COVID-19 virus global spread as of 3-13-2020

Many small businesses have temporarily closed their doors, others are changing their methods to reach people, schools are trying to figure out how to continue classes online as quickly as possible. With all the chaos, there have been many bright sides to come out.

Tiffin City Schools are offering sack lunches and breakfasts for PreK-12 at 16 drop sites throughout the city. Little Hugo’s, a local ice cream stand, is giving free lunches to children in Tiffin. Likewise, Sauced in New Reigel is also offering free lunches to children. This response is for the families that rely on free or reduced lunches to feed their kids throughout the week.

Free lunches provided local businesses will help feed kids normally relying on school lunch

Both Columbia Gas and American Electric Power have announced postponing shut-offs and lower payment plans amid the unknown job security. Spectrum is offering free broadband to students in need of internet access as most schools are turning to online options. A close neighbor, Bascom Communications, has set up free WiFi for students and professionals without internet access at PJ’s Brickhouse in Bascom.

Healthy locals are offering to go shopping and run errands for elderly residents who are the most at-risk. Students and others now out of work are offering child care for the parents who are still working.

Churches are live-streaming services to ensure no one feels guilty for staying home. Teachers are preparing ways to continue classes online. Businesses are finding ways for employees to continue work from home. The willingness to adapt is what makes Tiffin, and any other community, strong enough to withstand the most trivial times.

We are seeing a community that in times of crisis, strives to help those who need it. No child should be hungry because schools are closed. No person should be without because they are safest at home. Countless communities have responded with grace and compassion amid trying times and we are so blessed to be part of one.

House Hunting during a Pandemic?

While the stock market may be suffering, interests rates are remaining at 50 year low. Now is the time to buy. And the slow start to the season means fewer houses on the market, so they are going fast. Just last week RE/MAX Unlimited Results Realty had a home listed for only 52 hours before it went to contract. We’re giving you some tips for how to stay safe and still take advantage of this great time to buy or sell your home.

  • Social Distancing means staying 3 feet from people
  • Touch as few surfaces as necessary
  • Carry hand santitizer
  • Wash your hands first and last
  • Know the products to use when moving in
Getting creative with no-touch greetings is a key method to curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

When you meet your Realtor, refrain from shaking hands or touching in any manner. Some people grasping their own hands with a slight bow as a safe greeting. Others may nod, wave, or simply smile. However you greet, keep in mind that the safe social distance is one meter, roughly three feet. When attending an open house, avoid standing in doorways or in front of appliances where others may come into contact with you. When signing contracts or forms, it may be ideal to carry your own pen.

Social distancing is using one meter, roughly three feet, distance between people to diminish spread of the coronavirus.

Avoiding touching doorknobs and light switches is not feasible, but you do want to make sure your touching as few surfaces as you must. Checking windows, doors, cupboards, and facets are practical things to inspect, but add up to many surfaces. Be aware while examining a home that you should not touch your face. Carrying hand santitizer and washing your hands when you arrive and before you leave are highly recommended. This also gives you the opportunity to test the water pressure!

20 seconds is all it takes to greatly reduce the risk of coronavirus.

The active pandemic should not halt your life entirely. If you’re able to take advantage of a market ideal for buyers and sellers, don’t pass it up! You absolutely can safely see, buy, and sell homes.

When you buy your new home, you’ll want to santitize before moving in your belongings. If you rent a moving truck, be sure to wipe down the steering wheel, seat belts, gear-shift, and door handles.

The list of active ingredients recommended by the EPA are: ammonium, hydrogen peroxide, octanoic acid, sodium hypochlorite, triethylene glycol, L-lactic acid, ethanol, peracetic acid, phenolic, citric acid, silver ion, thymol, ammonium carbonate, and ammonium bicarbonate. You can find the full list of products here.

Before moving in, give your new home a deep cleaning.

After a house showing of your home-for-sale, be sure to wipe down prominent touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, facets, appliances, windows, etc. Remember to be cautious and continue washing your hands. Whether buying or selling, this pandemic is not stopping the housing market, just be safe.

Why Tiffin?

Tiffin may be described as a small city, or even a town, surrounded by farms in rural Ohio. The recent growth in this community has inspired a passion for making Tiffin a great place to call “home.”

Aerial view of the scenic Sandusky river running through Tiffin, OH

The last decade has seen a surge in businesses, both local and chain, moving to or growing within Tiffin. With more restaurants and events, the variety of entertainment has thrived. Tiffin is the kind of community where you can always meet someone new and also run into an old friend.

Tiffin has truly made a commitment to being an involved community. Downtown has been hosting “3rd Thursday” events for a few years now, which range from gatherings to discounts. These events always take place on the third Thursday of the month all year round. We’ve seen “barking lot” parties, trivia nights, wine tastings, and more!

Local children play in the splash pad located at National Corner

Summertime brings many regular events like the Farmer’s Markets, concerts at National Corner, and the Seneca County Fair. Unique features such as a Drive-In movie theater and a public splash pad really make Tiffin what it is. A little bit small with a lot of heart makes this “home.”

You can find your favorite restaurants, public parks, downtown events, and so much more in this wonderful hometown. In this blog, you’ll find news, events, real estate, and all things Tiffin.